Suburban neighbors of Teva Pharmaceuticals' planned 120-foot-tall automated warehouse and truck depot at the onetime Budd Co. site on Red Lion Road in Northeast Philadelphia didn't immediately join the city's celebration over attracting a few hundred construction, trucking and logistics jobs to the site, most recently a golf course.
The Teva property adjoins Lower Moreland Township, where local taxes are high, redevelopment land parcels lie low along the flood plains, and local intersections along Red Lion Rd. from Pine to Welsh are already approaching jam levels during rush hours. Elected LM supervisors led by chairman Jill Blumhardt had been pressing Teva to talk; she and township manager Rick Miller finally met with Teva managers Bill Murray and Bobby Clarke this week. Here's how it went, says Miller:

"They have indicated that truck traffic, the majority will be going out toward Route 1 and the Philadelphia airports or points east. As far as commuter traffic, after the first year they are expecting 250 employees over three shifts. So there will be some impact on our roads. We made them aware our intersections are considerd poor from a traffic engineering standpoint. We had not been included in any of their traffic studies."
Also "they said stormwater would stay on site and flow into Philadelphia storm sewers. It was good to hear, but we'll have to review those plans."
Will Teva pay for new traffic lanes? Will it set staggered shifts to avoid jamming roads? "They said they will keep an open dialogue. That's a positive sign."