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Would Comcast buy Time Warner?

Comcast or News Corp. would make a good buyer for newly shrunken Time Warner, says Deal Journal's Matthew Karnitschig

Now that TimeWarner has spun off AmericaOnline and Time Warner Cable, WSJ's Deal Journal blog offers this "most attractive option" for Jeff Bewkes, who runs Time Warner's remaining, slow-growing video programming businesses (HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros.):

"Sell the company to the likes of, say, Comcast, or News Corp... or perhaps DirecTV Group. Instead of trying to reinvent Time Warner, whose conglomerate structure he once derided as bull----, he could go down as the man who finally solved the company's growth riddle once and for all." sphereit end

Raises questions for us deal-watchers here in the shadow of Comcast Center:

Could Comcast's Brian Roberts (backed by his good friend Eric Schmidt at Google) succeed in building a high-growth cable-Internet-programming conglomerate where ex-TimeWarner boss Richard Parsons couldn't?

Would Comcast risk annoying investors by spending the cash it's been building up on a big deal like TimeWarner?

And does this make more sense than the One Big Cable Company (Comcast plus TimeWarner Cable) that we speculated about yesterday?

For more AOL-TW speculation - check Nielsen on deal buzz here. Thanks Dave Ralis --