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Taking Off

We're taking "Kickin' It" to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since launching this blog, we've had some interruptions for side news -- namely the 76ers -- but beginning now, this blog will be updated regularly with news, videos, pictures, live chats, observations, and anything else that seems of note during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

It's about a 13-15 hour flight to Johannesburg; we'll be landing in South Africa around 8:15 am local time tomorrow (Thursday) morning. That would make it early, early morning in Philadelphia; around 2:15 a.m.

Assuming all goes well en route (i.e. no delays), we'll be checking in with the U.S. Men's National Team for their training session tomorrow afternoon. We'll be making sure to stay on top of all MNT happenings, while also checking in with England and a few other interesting nations (Brazil, North Korea, France, Argentina, Spain, etc.).

If you want to follow on Twitter, DeepSixer3 (as you can tell by the image switch to a soccer ball) is going to be all World Cup from now until July 11. You can follow here: World Cup. If you're a Philly native and are traveling to South Africa for the WC, shoot me a Tweet, we're looking to make this global event a little more local.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, we'll have a video posted -- so check back when you can.

It should be a fun six weeks in South Africa, hopefully this blog will share some of that experience.

Time to fly ...