PITTSBURGH _ For the Flyers, Wednesday's blowout was just one game, just one loss. And as you know, they still have a three-games- to-one series lead over the dangerous Pittsburgh Penguins.

Still, the Flyers' 10-3 defeat in Game 4 was one for the books.

Consider:  The 10 goals were more than the Flyers allowed in the entire first-round series in 1974, the year they won their first Stanley Cup. In that quarterfinals series, the Flyers surrendered just six goals in a four-game sweep of the Atlanta Flames.

En route to the Stanley Cup that year, here's the number of goals the Flyers allowed in the first four games of each series: first round _ 6; second-round _ 9; third round (Finals) _ 8.

This year, they have allowed 22 in the first four games.

And, yet, they have a three-games-to-one lead.

The Flyers have scored 23 goals in the first four games.

Center Danny Briere was being kind to the defenders and goalies Thursday when he said the scoring spree was simply because we are watching two explosive teams _the Penguins led the league in goals in the regular season, while the Flyers finished third.

"Look at the two teams. They have three high-scoring lines; we have four high-scoring lines," Briere said. "That makes for a lot of fireworks."

Can the Flyers make a legitimate Cup run if they keep allowing so many goals?

Conventional wisdom says "no." Emphatically.

Then again, there is nothing conventional about allowing more than five goals per game _ and having a 3-1 series lead.

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