The Mavericks broke up in 2004, after the Miami-bred band fronted by Cuban-American crooner Raul Malo had come to the end of a 12 year run in which they scored country hits such as "Oh What A Thrill" and "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" and established themselves as a fantastic live band that stretched out into all sort of pop, soul and Te-Mex directions.

After nine years apart - during which Malo mounted a fruitful solo career - the band got together in expanded form for In Time, an album which, the Inquirer's Nick Cristiano wrote, once again proves the band adept at "weaving a vibrant tapestry of sound that soars gloriously beyond the borders of country music, where they began."

The Mavs have played a number of stellar shows in the Philadelphia area since reforming, and on Thursday they're at the Sun Center amphitheatre in Aston in Delaware County, the Concord Road venue whose impressive summer season also includes a Buddy Guy date this coming Monday.

"All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" is below. Tickets details are here.