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Weekend Pick: El Vez at El Vez

The Mexican Elvis, on Cinco de Mayo.

Yes, it's true that David Bowie, "The Thin White Duke" has made a celebrated return in 2013. But let us not forget that "The Thin Brown Duke," El Vez, has never left.

Friday is Cinco de Mayo, and in order to celebrate, Robert Lopez, better known as El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, will play a show on Sunday afternoon outside El Vez, the Stephen Starr restaurant that bears his name.

Don't think that El Vez is a mere bilingual Elvis impersonator with a pencil mustache. An El Vez show is a post-modern excursion into Latino identity politics, with plenty of cheeky sense of humor, an encyclopedically subversive sense of music history and backup singers named after all the most important women in Elvis' life: Lisa Maria, Priscillita, Gladysita and Que Linda Thompson.

Below, check out how "Suspicious Minds" goes into "Immigration Time" and "Kids In America." Say it loud! He's brown and he's proud. El Vez goes on at 4 on Sunday afternoon on the corner of 13th and Sansom. It's free.

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