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One last "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" with Darlene Love

Another late night farewell.

Enough with the Stephen Colbert farewell: We'll meet him again, don't know where, don't know when. There's another tearful goodbye happening on late night TV tonight, and this one has more of an air of finality about it.

Darlene Love will sing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," perhaps the greatest of Christmas songs, for the last time on The Late Night Show with David Letterman tonight. Love originally cut the song with Phil Spector (who wrote it with Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry) in 1963, and her career revival began whe she started the annual tradition of signing it on Letterman in 1986. Out of loyalty to Dave and Paul Shaffer, Love has said she won't reprise it for any other late night talk show host, so this is it.

Watch a mash-up of Love-Letterman "Christmas"'s through the years below.

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