I made a CD-length playlist of a bunch of my favorite songs of 2011, seamlessly woven together for your listening pleasure, dear reader. "Lonely Boy," a song by the two dudes in the Black Keys you see to your left, is the first song on the list, which can be found in annotated form in the Sunday Inquirer A & E section. I also put a version of that list, as Songs of 2011, up on my account on the streaming music service Spotify.

Links to that playlist are here and here. As best as I understand it, you have to have Spotify, or sign up for it, to listen that way. And because some of the tunes, by the Alabama Shakes, Frank Ocean and Tom Waits, for instance, are not licensed by Spotify, I came up with a number of substitutes, by the Smith Westerns, PJ Harvey, Drake, John Wesley Harding, and a few others, on the Spotify list.

If that's all a bit too confusing, or doesn't work for you, you can still check out the songs by hitting play on the 21 YouTube clips for each song that are embedded below.

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