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List of Year-end Lists Commences

Year end lists: Top local rentals, also top illegal downloads

Redbox just sent out a list of Top Ten 2011 movie rentals in the Philadelphia area.

They were, in order, "Just Go With It," "No Strings Attached," "The Dilemma,"

"Due Date," "The Tourist," "Lincoln Lawyer," "The Social Network," "Rango" "The Fighter" and "Despicable Me."

It arrived the same day as TorrentFreak's list of top ten most pirated (worldwide) 2011 movies -- the top five (also known as the Fraud Five) are "Fast Five," "Hangover 2," "Thor," "Source Code," and "I Am Number Four."

The dudely demo of TorrentFreak's list is unsurprising, but I was bit surprised to see "I Am Number Four" at number five. This was a decent, mostly ignored (in theaters) adaptation of a popular YA sci-fi novel -- especially popular, evidently, among the download crowd. TorrentFreak reported that downloads of the top five average about 8 million per. I don't think "Thor" or "Hangover" will miss any of the money lost to downloads, but you know it smarts for a movie like "Number Four." Ditto "Source Code."

As for the Redbox list, it's appropriate that "Lincoln Lawyer" did so well here - it was directed by Lafayette Hill native Brad Furman.