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"Tree of Life" at Cannes

Malick's Opus Hailed, Hissed at Cannes

Terrence Malick's "Tree of Life," which opens here June 10, is dividing viewers at the Cannes Film Festival, where it screened Monday. The festival audience greeted the closing credits with a mix of cheers and boos, and the reclusive Malick ducked the post-screening Q&A, leaving star Brad Pitt to answer questions.

Malick's been assembling footage for the movie for more than 30 years -- it's an image-intensive, often dialogue-free meditation on God, man, and nature, told through the eyes of two American families.

There were ten standing ovations, on the other hand, for Michel Hazanavicius' "The Artist," a black-and-white silent movie sent in 1920s Hollywood, where a silent-era star (Jean Dujardin) is losing his career to the talkies. No word yet of a US Distributor, but you can bet it will find one.