Ever had one of those days where text messages just aren't enough? One where not even a phone call will ease your troubled mind? Are you missing a little odor from your communication device portfolio? Then, my friends, oSnap is for you.

Vapor Communications today launched onotes.com, a "platform for scent messaging" that lets users lace their messages with "aromatic content." The plan, of course, is to evolve the technology over the course of the next year to "transform the way we communicate." The first step to that goal is the release of a "scent messaging platform" for iPhone users on June 17th.

With a library of some 300,000 scents, you'll be able to make anyone smell pretty much anything at any time. It is, in effect, an olfactory revolution equaled only by the invention of the nose itself. Unfortunately, you'll need an add-on device called  an oPhone (har-har), though.

Here is how it will work:

Led by scientist and Harvard University & Wyss Institute Professor David Edwards, with co-inventor and former Harvard University student, Rachel Field, the scent-based messaging platform onotes.com will work as follows: Users will obtain the mobile-messaging app oSnap in the Apple Store and download onto their iPhones for free; they will then be able to snap a photograph and tag any object in the photograph with a scent; creation of the scent will be facilitated by a scrolling window that presents up to 32 unique scents of which users can choose from one to eight, resulting in over 300,000 combinations; users will then be able to name the scent-tagged image and send it electronically to friends.  Upon receiving a scent-tagged oNote, users can tap the oNote and be directed to onotes.com, where they will see the image and associated scents.  If users possess an iPhone, they will be able to download their aromatic messages via an oPhone and smell the scents.

Ready those sniffers, people. We've got a whole new sense to annoy with our phones now.