In the age of flash mobs, Instagram and viral videos, it seems the stakes are higher than ever when considering who to ask (or accompany) to prom. 'Promposals,' as they're commonly referred, take the simple question, "Will you go to prom with me," and turns it into, "Look at everything I did just to ask you to prom. Look at all these people waiting for your answer. Go with me!"

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has had negative repercussions, placing enormous pressure on already pressured teen girls to commit to a prom date she may or may not have wanted so she doesn't appear mean. The other side of 'promposals' is the fear that you won't get one at all.

One local teen, Abby Rodgers, was met with a sweet, tear-jerking 'promposal' when an acquaintance asked her to prom with a teddy bear and a note. Rodgers, who went to St. Basil Academy's prom in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, felt like she couldn't say no, "because it was such a nice gesture and he was so sweet and brave to go through with it," she said.

Maren Sanchez was stabbed and slashed to death in the hallways of a Connecticut high school. The 16-year-old was targeted, allegedly over a denied prom date proposal. Students who knew both parties said the alleged killer liked Sanchez for years but she had just gotten a new boyfriend. Though this incident has not, in any way, been linked to excessive 'promposals,' it may underscore the increasing importance placed on prom dates.

Rodgers ultimately texted her prom date and told him that she'd changed her mind. Rodgers and Sanchez are two examples of brave girls who weren't pressured into going to prom with someone just because. But should the word 'brave' even be used in a conversation about accepting a prom proposal?

Check out everything one teen did for his prom date in the video below.