They're teenagers living out every man's dream.

When Nick Szlavik, 14, tagged Anthony DiGiovanni, 18, in a social media post about the Team Salamone car design competition, the pair had no idea they'd win, let alone become somewhat in-demand car-wrap designers.

Team Salamone, a charitable luxury-car rally-drivers group that favors Lamborghinis, held a car-wrap design competition on social media for their 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce, called the ChromeToro. Harleysville resident Nick, who had just been introduced to Anthony, of Collegeville, through a mutual friend at a car show, tagged him in the post saying he had a design idea.

He went to Nick's house and they created the winning design in a few hours on GIMP, a free Photoshop-like program.

They submitted the design even though the competition's entry period had lapsed, and it caught the eye of Conc, one half of Team Salamone.

"The kids, how they got me," Conc said in a video interview, "was the eyes of the car. It looks like a hawk, a falcon." Her partner Bryan Salamone had already chosen a favorite, but she was able to sway him.

A little over a month later, the twosome have accumulated two awards for their winning car-wrap design. They'd never designed a car before, but now they've gotten so many email requests to design cars for other people, the pair had to create a business, called NS2 Media, to handle them all.

"It's crazy how things happened," Anthony said during a phone interview, "because before we had nothing to do with any of this business, and now people are coming to us."

Their rendering was made into a car wrap by Detailing Dynamics of Mineola, New York.

Even more remarkable than winning a car-design competition on their first time is the fact that Nick and Anthony beat out over 100 international companies, including Detailing Dynamics, to win the Team Salamone challenge.

What's next for the duo with an eye for design? More designing, of course.

"At the car show we met a whole bunch of different people," said Nick, "so we've been in contact with a lot of those people."