Talk about fashion forward!
The body-skimming cobalt blue rubber dress singer Katy Perry performed in at President Barack Obama's Milwaukee rally Saturday afternoon was phenomenal.  It was perfectly - I mean perfectly - molded to the singer's 28-year-old flawless body. But the best part was how Obama's slogan, "forward" snaked down the right side of the dress. Slick!
Oh, and the sparkling high-heeled Mary Janes she wore - perfectamundo!
One of this election season's best fashion moments.
Katy Perry arrived on stage wearing a red white and blue dress holding a microphone shaped like The Statue of Liberty. Very nice. Very patriotic.
But after belting a cover of Al Green's hit, "Let's Stay Together" - we know how the prez feels about Al - Perry peeled her self out of the dress and made fashion headlines. Fake out!
I think we'll be seeing this dress recycled on the cover of a fashion magazine soon, whatever the outcome of the election is. It may even find a permanent home in a musuem space.
What do you think? Was the dress too forward?

Discover who designed the dress, here.