After enjoying a lovely afternoon lunch at The Dandelion - the cheese board is very tasty, btw -  your friendly neighborhood fashion writer strolled by the new Knit Wit at 1729 Chestunt Street. Owner Ann Gitter opened the new store on Wednesday.

It's sooooo pretty. Gitter has made the space - perfectly located across the street from DiBruno Brothers and next door to South Moon Under - deliciously modern. There are hardwood floors and brick walls and mannequins dressed sheer blouses in vibrant punchy colors. Less is more. Less is fabulous.

On the racks are floral Diane Von Furstenberg tunic dresses - complete with ruffles that work well with wide belts. And there was a black tuxedo style jumpsuit to die for with the back out.  Same store, updated fashion. Marvelous.

Can't wait to see what Ann brings in for fall.