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County offers cheap rabies vaccinations

Rabies shots are required annually for cats and dogs. You could save a few bucks by getting it done at the county's rabies clinic in June.

If your pet is due for a rabies shot, you might save a few bucks by attending one of Montgomery County's rabies clinics in June.

Clinics will be held in Abington, Collegeville, Harleysville and West Norriton.  Dates, times and addresses are posted on the county website.

Shots will be $10 apiece.  (My dog's last rabies vaccine cost $24, plus a $50 vet visit!)

The county has been providing rabies clinics for 22 years, and in 2012 staff vaccinated 855 dogs and cats.  But county officials say many owners still are not vaccinating their pets annually, as required under state law and the county health code.

According to the county, 77 percent of cats and 49 percent of dogs who were reported to have bitten a human in 2012 were not up to date on their rabies vaccines.

Rabies is far less common than it used to be, and human cases are extremely rare.  But pets can still contract rabies if they are bitten by a rabid skunk, raccoon, cat or other animal. Once symptoms appear, the disease is usually fatal.