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New endorsements for Boyle, Leach; TV ads for Arkoosh, Margolies

Boyle is endorsed by Philadelphia black clergy, Leach by Daily Kos. Margolies and Arkoosh begin airing TV ads.

New developments today in the 13th Congressional District race:

State Rep. Brendan Boyle received the endorsement of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity.

"We have been very impressed with Representative Boyle's work in our community. In his time as a state lawmaker, he has demonstrated his commitment to community service," said Rev. Terrance Griffith, president of the Black Clergy.  Griffith said Boyle "is the only candidate even talking about the importance of rebuilding urban neighborhoods."

State Sen. Daylin Leach was endorsed by Daily Kos, a prominent national blog catering to liberals.

Editor Joan McCarter, writing for the blog, acknowledged that the 13th district "is going to stay safely blue," but said the blog was endorsing Leach over three other Democrats because he "has a strong and lengthy track record of not just supporting progressive principles but leading the fight for change. He's someone who truly speaks our language.

Marjorie Margolies, who previously represented the 13th District in the 1990s, has followed her opponents into the TV market.

The Margolies ad, which will air during tonight's Flyers playoff game, features former Gov. Ed Rendell praising Margolies' courage, and a written quote from President Clinton saying Margolies "is in the best position to do the right thing."

Valerie Arkoosh also began airing TV ads this week.

Arkoosh's ad features her daughter, Olivia, coaching her mom on the "I'm not a career politician" pitch.  The commercial, titled "Excited," is upbeat, a far cry from her recent campaign mailers attacking Margolies as bad for Social Security and accusing Boyle of closing abortion clinics.

Leach and Boyle hit the airwaves last week.

May 1 marks the start of 48-hour reporting periods for their campaign finances, so expect more number-crunching to come.