UPDATED:  A 28-year-old woman who abandoned a toddler outside a Norristown human-services center Tuesday has been taken into custody in Philadelphia for an alleged parole violation, police said today.
Chrissie Williams, of the 900 block of Schuylkill Street, Norristown, was arrested on a warrant at 10:54 p.m. Tuesday in the 5900 block of Belmar Street in Southwest Philadelphia.
Williams was charged with a parole violation, said Philadelphia police spokeswoman Officer Jillian Russell. Williams was being processed by law enforcement officials in the city on Wednesday.
Police believe Williams abandoned her eight-month-old son in a stroller outside the Central Montgomery County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center in Norristown early Tuesday morning.
The baby was left alone for about 20 minutes, said Norristown Police Chief Russell Bono.
“We have not been able to determine why she abandoned the baby,” he said. ”We had detectives go to Philadelphia this morning to interview her, but she was not forthcoming with a reason for her actions.”
A passerby alerted police to the toddler’s presence. Police canvassed the area, but could not find the child’s parents or caretaker, Bono said.
Police learned the child’s identity and his mother’s from items left in the bag.
On Wednesday, the little boy was in the protective custody of the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth, and his condition was good except for a low-grade fever, Bono said. He was placed in a temporary foster home.
Williams was wanted in Philadelphia for alleged child endangerment in connection with another of her children, not the toddler found in Norristown, Bono said.
Bono said he has directed investigators to lodge a detainer against Williams “when she is finished in Philadelphia” for allegedly endangering the eight-month-old boy.
"There is absolutely no reason to ever abandon a child,” Bono said. “There are many agencies and individuals out there available to help a parent who feels they can no longer take care of their child. To just leave a child on the street and walk away is one of the most despicable acts I can think of."