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The Behr facts

Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr announced last week that she would be resigning to become director of police operations at Drexel University. Here are comments from Montgomery County officials.

Montgomery County Sheriff Ellen Whalon Behr announced she was resigning to take the top cop post at Drexel University. There wasn't enough space in the Saturday paper for all the reaction we got. So, here are comments from District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman and County Commission Chairman Josh Shapiro.

From Ferman: "Our Sheriff is the consummate law enforcement leader. We have worked together for over two decades and it is hard for me to imagine not having her  here in Montgomery County, as both a friend and a law enforcement colleague. From her strong, steady and skillful leadership of the Whitemarsh Police Department to her masterful command of the Sheriff's Department, she has been one of my top "go-to" law enforcement partners in the county. She was a critical part of the original Mission Kids multi-disciplinary planning team, offering wise counsel and dedication from day one. As a friend, I am very happy for her to have earned this wonderful opportunity; as the District Attorney, I will miss her daily presence and support. She is leaving very big pumps to fill. Montgomery County's loss is certainly Drexel University's gain."

From Shapiro: Eileen will be missed. She has done an outstanding job as Sheriff and served our county well. I plan to work with my Republican colleagues in Montgomery County and the Governor to ensure that they nominate a qualified replacement who can secure the required bipartisan support in the state Senate for confirmation.