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A Philly Super Bowl?

Update: The Super Bowl in Jersey in 2014 is a done deal.

Just a couple quick links today:

* The big national story today is that owners are expected to vote on New Jersey as the site of the 2014 Super Bowl. So what does this have to do with Philadelphia? Well, check out this passage from Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback on

I'm like everyone else: I think the Meadowlands will win. I think there's little doubt of it. Then, despite what the league says now about "this is a special, one-time thing,'' I doubt Pat Bowlen, who has wanted a Super Bowl for years in Denver, or Dan Snyder in Washington or Jeff Lurie in Philly or Bob Kraft in Foxboro would sit idly by while one northern city gets a Super Bowl, simply praising New Jersey as a wonderful place to spend a week in February four years down the road. In their words of praise will be a message: We want the game in 2017. Fair warning. I won't think of this as the 48th Super Bowl or Super Bowl XLVIII. I'll think of it as the Precedent Super Bowl.

Could it ever happen? A Super Bowl in Philly? I'm not sure. But I think King's argument that Lurie, like other owners, would certainly think about exploring the possibility, makes sense. The Eagles consider themselves the class of the NFL, and they consider the Linc among the league's jewels. It stands to reason that they'd take a If Jersey/New York can have one, why can't we? mentality.

* On Sunday, I mentioned Rick Reilly's Sportscenter piece, which called for Eagles fans to apologize to Donovan McNabb instead of the other way around. The post picked up over 100 comments, and was accompanied by a poll, asking if you thought Eagles fans owed McNabb an apology. I was surprised by the number of readers who said yes (37 percent).

Gonzo offered his take on the item in today's Inquirer.

* And in case you missed it, yesterday I took a stab at projecting Jeremy Maclin's year two numbers.

More to come later.

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