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Asante Samuel makes overrated list

Some links and notes to pass along on this Friday:

* Pete Prisco of has a list out with the most underrated and overrated player on every NFL roster.

For the Eagles, he calls Asante Samuel overrated:

He is a gambler who can make a big play, but give up some as well. And he doesn't tackle at all.

And he names Jason Avant as the underrated player:

He is a steady No. 3 receiver who knows how to make plays on third down. He has great hands, rarely dropping a pass.

* Brian Westbrook is still deciding on his future. He gave an update on the NFLPA's Web site. Plus he was asked if Donovan McNabb is a good fit with the Redskins:

I think he's a good fit. I think he's a proven quarterback who can get it done. He's a great leader and he brings accountability to this football team that they might not have had before.

* I think the Eagles' biggest question mark is still at cornerback. What do we know now that we didn't know right after the draft? Macho Harris is in the mix. Not sure there's anything else. We know Ellis Hobbs wants to start. We know Joselio Hanson does also. But are any of these guys good enough?

* The Birds have full-squad practices next week and the following week. While we get more of an idea of where people fit in, there are still no pads and no hitting. That doesn't happen until Lehigh.

* Speaking of Lehigh, what do you want to see from our coverage there? Got some ideas of my own, but want to hear from you all. July 26 will be here in no time.

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