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Kolb flattered by Fitzgerald report

A week ago, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Larry Fitzgerald had dropped Kevin Kolb's name when Cardinals' management talked to him about their future quarterback situation.

This week, during an interview with WIP's Howard Eskin and Ike Reese, Kolb said he was flattered that Fitzgerald would think so highly of him.

"I mean, if he's not the best, he's one of the best receivers in the NFL, superstar," Kolb said. "For a guy like that to say something about me, it means a lot. And it's awfully flattering, and I hope that if something happens, their name comes up."

Kolb has not gone into hiding this offseason. He talked to the Inquirer's Ashley Fox last week about what it felt like to watch Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to a Super Bowl.

And before that, he did a national radio spot on the Dan Patrick show, reiterating his desire to start and describing the Clay Matthews hit that changed his season and really, his career.

During the WIP interview, Kolb was asked how he will respond if he's with the Eagles in a backup role next season. In 2010, he was the model teammate, but will Kolb be willing to sit quietly behind Michael Vick again in 2011?

"I've always had a good relationship with the Eagles. I think they understand my situation, I think they see where I'm coming from," Kolb said. "And you guys know this, it's not really in my makeup to go out there and cause a stink about things. That's just not what I do. I try to be as professional as possible and see both sides. I truly believe that they're going to try and do what's best for myself and the team, and if that doesn't work out, I obviously won't be happy about it. But in my opinion, it won't be their fault if it doesn't work out. I think it'll be because of the CBA not getting done. So if I get put in those shoes, just like I've done in the past and just like you have to do when you're in this league, you just roll with the punches and you say 'OK my turn is coming up.'

"You never know what's gonna happen with Mike. We've talked about every week, he runs around a lot so you gotta be ready to play. You never know how the year can go. We learned that this year, so if it comes up that way, then I'll go with it and make it work. But I obviously want to be starting somewhere and be number one."

Since the final whistle blew during the Eagles' playoff loss against the Packers, Kolb has been direct in saying that he wants to start next season. What's clear from the interviews is that the Eagles have not told Kolb they're definitely bringing him back in 2011, as some people have assumed. Kolb is on the hook for about $1.4M next season, and if the Eagles want to make a Super Bowl run, they'll need a backup quarterback that can win games.

But the sense I get is that they will look to trade him if they can find a deal they like, and if it's possible to get something done with the CBA.

If nothing is resolved by the time the draft rolls around, and the Eagles want to get picks in return for Kolb, they will have to settle for 2012 picks, not 2011 selections.

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