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Reggie Brown: I was hurt at the wrong time

Former Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown is looking for a fresh start with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Plus other links to pass along.

Some links to pass along this Monday morning.

I'll be stopping by Eagles OTAs in a few hours and will provide more practice observations and a video from there later.

* Reggie Brown is looking for a fresh start in Tampa Bay, writes Rick Brown of The Lakeland Ledger.

"I had a little hamstring injury in the preseason of my fourth year [with the Eagles]," Brown said last week. "I wasn't practicing, and the coaches never felt confident in me after that. I was hurt at the wrong time.

"It was frustrating. But I knew I could still play this game. All I needed was a chance."

Brown will get an opportunity to compete for playing time in Tampa. The Bucs' leading returning receiver is Maurice Stovall, who had 24 catches for 366 yards last season.

The Eagles traded Brown to the Bucs for a sixth-round pick in March.

* Terrell Owens told NFL Network that he and Donovan McNabb discussed a possible reunion before the Eagles even traded McNabb to the Redskins.

"He already knew his situation prior to being traded, so we talked about the idea of actually playing together," Owens said. "That was something I welcome with open arms, and he as well. If that was a situation to come about and that would happen, we know what we could do on the football field together."

I guess McNabb wasn't too surprised after all when Andy Reid called him and told him he was being shipped to D.C.

* Speaking of McNabb, he did a radio interview in D.C. last week on ESPN 980 and talked about adjusting to a new team and a new offense.

"Here in this offense you are pretty much telling the receivers what route they are running. Also the protection of the line is different," McNabb said. "So offensively for a quarterback, there is big change. When you have been a part of an offense for eleven years and now try to absorb a newer offense and concepts and what the mindset of these coaches have it is tough. It is tough but I have just been trying to put in that extra time, communicating with these coaches and just make sure when once we hit training camp, I have a better grasp and a better feel of what we like to do here."

* I haven't played Madden since college. Come to think of it, I don't know when I'm going to become a father, but that's got to be one of the major advantages, right? Playing video games with your kid without being judged? That, and watching pro wrestling. Those are what I'm most looking forward to down the road.

But, getting back on topic...

Madden released its team ratings for the 2011 edition. The Eagles are an 80, putting them at No. 14 overall. In the 2010 version, they were an 86. In the division, the Giants (81) and the Cowboys (87) are ahead of them. The Redskins are a 76.

*Ex-Eagles tight end L.J. Smith is looking for a team, after the Ravens decided to not bring him back. Smith had just two catches for 31 yards in Baltimore after signing there as a free agent last offseason.

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