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McNabb's post-game thoughts

Here's what

said after the Eagles' 10-3 loss to the Redskins. Again, not exact quotes, but paraphrasing so I could get the post up quick:

Donovan says it’s not being able to convert on third down like they were successful with in previous games. It wasn’t just a slow start. If you don’t convert on third down and continue drives, that stalls you and you find yourself on the sideleine waiting for that next opportunity. Early on they couldn’t convert, which cost them more plays and a chance to get into a rhythm. And then they stalled again later. You can’t win games that way. You give the other team too many opportunities to score points and today they capitalized on them.

Donovan says that’s really not an issue. They’ve had long drives before and have come up with big plays. Today it was just off. It was something offensively that hasn’t happened in awhile. All they can do is look at the mistakes and come out next week and play well.

Donovan says he doesn’t have an explanation. If he did, they would have changed those little things. They are things that have been uncharacteristic of this team, especially the last month and a half. When you put yourself in that position and don’t capitalize, they come back to haunt you.

Donovan says they knew they had to get two shots to get in the end zone. They got a guy to run in the middle which drew attention from the safety and nickel back. Reggie found a spot in there. Donovan just tried to get it on his body. Reggie did a great job of catching it but the Redskins deserve credit for converting on the ball. They tried to get down and kill it, but time ran out.

Donovan says he didn’t know the situation. He doesn’t think anyone was paying attention to that. No matter what happened, the Eagles had to win. That should have been their focus.

Donovan says no, they’ll watch the film and try to look over the opportunities that they missed. Playing a team that they see twice a year, both teams have a beat on each other. They were able to come up with positive plays, but the Redskins did a good job of being in the right spot at the right time. It’s a tough loss in the locker room. They need to learn from the mistakes and come out next week and play well.

Donovan says there are a lot of points, too many opportunities they haven't taken advantage of. Things early on will cost you later. As you can see, they’re paying for the mistakes they’ve made. They can’t afford to put their heads down now. They have to get ready for next week. No matter how you look at it, they’re all playinig for something.

Donovan says it was a quick screen. The safety Horton did a good job of getting over. If they got a body on him, they would have walked into the end zone.

Donovan says no, they’re all playing for an opportunity. You never know what can happen. They have another game on their schedule and that’s the Dallas Cowboys. They’ll be fired up as well. They have to match their intensity and they still have to win the ball game.

Donovan says all season, they've been interchanging guys. These guys have been making plays all year, the Greg Lewises, the Reggie Browns, when given the opportunity. DeSean and Jason. And today they spread the ball around and gave them opportunities to make plays. Credit Washington for their scheme. They missed opportunities.

Donovan says he couldn’t see it. He just tried to put it up and give DeSean an opportunity to try and compete for it. He couldn’t see it, tried to look at it on the screen but couldn’t tell you.