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Eagles' organization ranked 6th

Where does the Eagles' organization rank among the NFL's 32 franchises? One national writer has them at No. 6.

Not a lot going on this Saturday, but as you know, I don't like to go a day without posting. It's a strange case of blogger's guilt, or something like that I guess.

So I'm taking a thankful break from looking at potential wedding venues (that's right, there will officially be a Mrs. MTC in spring of 2011) to give you some links.

The first is from Adam Schein of Schein ranks every NFL organization from 1 to 32. The Eagles come in at No. 6:

Arguably, the number is too low, with my conservative yet fair grade for Kevin Kolb. But make no mistake, Philly's organization is among the best in all of sports. Andy Reid wins every single year. Owner Jeff Lurie has a great model in place. Team president Joe Banner is sharp doing contracts, and new GM Howie Roseman has been ready for this promotion for years.

Ranked above the Eagles (starting at No. 1) are the Patriots, Colts, Saints, Ravens and Packers. The Cowboys (No. 9), Giants (No. 10) and Redskins (No. 11) all come in after the Birds.

Other links and notes:

* A couple Cowboys wide receivers made headlines recently with radio interviews. Let's start with Patrick Crayton. Crayton is due $2M this season and is worried that the Cowboys will release him after training camp, at which point it will be more difficult to find a job elsewhere.

"You don't want a progress stopper," Crayton reportedly told ESPN 103.3's Ben and Skin Show. "When it comes down to it, I would be a progress stopper."

Crayton had 37 catches for 622 yards and five touchdowns last season. Those numbers included success in three meetings against the Eagles. In the first game, Crayton had two catches for 74 yards, including a 64-yard grab. In the second meeting, he had four catches for 99 yards and a touchdown. And in the playoff game, three receptions for 34.

He recently turned 31 years old.

* Roy Williams jumped on the same radio show as well, saying he still looks at himself as the Cowboys' No. 1 wide receiver.

"I've always been the No. 1 guy wherever I go and I'm still going to continue to be that," Williams said. "I know Miles [Austin] showed what he can do last year, and I hope Dez [Bryant] comes in and wants to be the No. 1 receiver. I know Miles wants to the No. 1 guy and that's what this competition thing is all about. If you don't feel like you're the number one guy, you need to retire."

Overall, I agree with Williams that every guy should want to be the No. 1 receiver. But given the disparity in performance (Austin: 81, 1,320, 11 TDs; Williams: 38 catches, 596, 7 TDs), he sounds a bit ridiculous.

* And finally, I'm running a 5K for the first time Sunday morning. Who has advice? Good songs to run to? Help me out here.

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