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Portis goes off on Zorn

Meant to post on this last night, but cold medicines knocked me out. Sorry for the delay.

Redskins running back

went off on head coach

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and ex-Eagle

on ESPN 980.

If you haven't been following the story, Portis was benched during Sunday night's loss to the Ravens. Zorn indicated that the move was made because Portis had been missing practice (like

) to get healthy.

To say Portis is frustrated would be a massive understatement. He pulled no punches in the interview. Click on the above link to listen to the whole thing. Here are some parts that stood out for me after listening online:

"I think when it comes to me, it’s’ just a matter of wanting to see me out.

played in the game and he ain’t practice all week."

"You go back and watch film. I guarantee you don’t see me make no mistakes, but maybe he watchin a different film than me. ...You got a problem with me not practicing and can’t do it that way. You need to split ties with me? Split ties with me, but don’t sit here and throw me out like I don’t pay attention, like I don’t know what’s goin on , like I’m making mistakes, like I’m the problem."

"We got a genius for a head coach. I don’t know. So I’m sure he on top of things. He got everything figured and hey, that’s up to him."

"It ain’t lack of communication with me cause that’s some BS to go out and say I don’t know what’s goin on. When have I missed a meeting? Let me start missing meetings. Let me not come out to practice. Let me sit my [butt] in the training room if I don’t know what’s goin on. What I’m standing outside for?"

The Eagles play the Redskins in Washington in Week 16. The game time has been moved to 4:15 p.m.

Meanwhile, NFC East teams have dominated the headlines over the last month or so. Just off the top of my head, national stories that have been discussed with the Eagles, Redskins, Giants and Cowboys:

  1. The Plaxico Burress ongoing saga.

  2. Donovan McNabb not knowing the OT rules one week, and being pulled the next.

  3. Jerry Jones calling out Marion Barber.

  4. Portis going off on Zorn

Are there any that I'm missing?

Redskins quarterback

» READ MORE: tells the AP

that Portis and Zorn have met and sorted out their differences. According to Campbell, the issue has "died out already."