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Reid's post-game comments

Here's what

had to say after the Eagles' 30-10 win over the Browns. As usual, these are not direct quotes since I wanted to get the post up ASAP...

Reid says every win is a good win. They have some things to work on, particularly in the red zone. They've been doing pretty good there but tonight didn't do very well. Congratulations to

for 181 games played as an Eagle.

hit nine different receivers. It was another good week for him.

did a good job on third downs against man coverage.

did a nice job all around.

had a nice pick but you have to cross the goal line with the football. That can't happen. They've got to make sure they get across the goal line and score. Reid's respect goes out to

. His players played extremely hard all the way through the game.

Reid says manageable third downs are important. You want to put yourself in that position. The Eagles did a nice job with that.

Reid says there is not much time to enjoy it with a Monday night game. The coaches will go back to the office and get cranking on the Redskins. The players have tomorrow off but will be ready to go Wednesday. The players understand what's at stake. They played an aggressive game.

Reid said because of the kind of person McNabb is, yeah. He's always been a great player. There were things that were abnormal for him in the turnover category that is not how he plays. He's playing like he does. This is what McNabb's all about.

Reid says yeah, he thinks McNabb's playing confident, being aggressive with the ball. He's doing a nice job managing the game too.

Reid says he wanted to get the attention of official but wasn't able to do that. He's not allowed to run out there. Players were trying to call timeout. The officials were focused on where the ball was though.

Reid says normally there's one official that keeps an eye on the sideline and the rest spot the ball.

Reid says the Eagles can't worry about that. They can only take care of the things they can control and that's playing good football. They have to put everything else out of their minds.

Reid hopes they're looking at their scoreboard, paying attention to the game they're playing. They have good football teams coming up, teams that have beat them before.

Reid says Brad and him talk every week so he's sure they'll talk.

Reid says you saw what their No. 1 option was, that was to throw the ball up. They came up short on it.

Reid says they didn't do very well so they have to address that and take care of it. He's worried about this one and will get ready for the next one.

Reid says it was the last time too.

Reid says the Browns played certain offenses personnel-wise that the Eagles have defenses for, which include Demps. It is similar to last week.

Why did they institute the Wildcat near the goal line?

Reid says he wanted to score and thought they had a chance to if they made a better throw right there.