Phillies shortstop

Jimmy Rollins

was in attendance for the Eagles' 44-6 win this afternoon over the Cowboys.

Comcast SportsNet caught up with him afterwards. Here's what he had to say about the victory. Note: In the interest of getting the post up ASAP, these are not exact quotes.

What were his thoughts on the win?
Rollins says good things come to a team when they believe in themselves. You've got to be determined in this sport every Sunday. That’s what you saw today...was a determined team. Everyone knows how talented the Cowboys are. There’s no doubt about that. But you saw a team in the Eagles who wanted it more, weren’t taking no for an answer, weren’t going home. And all you need to do is get into the playoffs and everyone is zero-zero.
[According to CSN's Derrick Gunn] Donovan McNabb was heard on his way to the locker room saying 'They love me for one more week.' As his friend, how much has this season weighed on McNabb?
Rollins says that’s definitely something he can relate to. But Donovan is a professional. There's no doubt about that. Sometimes people get on you for expressing yourself, for telling what you feel is the truth, and there’s nothing wrong with that. McNabb's not jaded. He's not going to give you answers you can get from anyone. He’s going to tell you what it is. But what you saw in Donovan was a man who wasn’t going to quit on himself. McNabb knows his talents, how good he is, how important he is to the team. He didn’t want to let anyone in the locker room down and he didn’t let them down.

When answering the first question and saying how talented the Cowboys were, you could almost hear Rollins using the exact delivery he used at the parade when he said 'You know,

Johan Santana

, he's a really good pitcher, but...'

Rollins sounded like he won't be in attendance for next week's game against the Vikings, saying he'll probably be somewhere warm.