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Stu Scott makes mandatory Santa Claus reference

It wouldn't be an Eagles national TV game without someone on ESPN making a reference to the fans, Santa Claus, snowballs or booing.

Here's the quote, which has been used in some form about 98 percent of the time the Birds have ever been mentioned by someone from the national media:

"SportsCenter’s coverage of Monday Night Football from the city of Brotherly Love, unless Santa Claus is your brother," said ESPN's Stu Scott. "You know, Eagles fans once famously booed Old St. Nick."

They did? That's breaking news, isn't it? I've never heard that nugget before. Very interesting. I'll work on getting some more information on said incident.

For the record, at least there was no "booyah" or "freaking the okie doke" in Scott's report this morning.

Now on to our weekly look at who's picking the Eagles:

Paul Domowitch of the

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, 24-9.

Les Bowen of the

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, 27-12.'s Peter King

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, 33-13:

Pete Prisco of

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, 30-13:

Harmon Forecast

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All eight


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. So do all five members of the

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. And Bill Simmons

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to cover.

All eight


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While the above picks would make you believe everybody likes the Eagles to cover tonight's 14-point spread, that's not really true. According to

, 54 percent of the money is on the Eagles to cover, and 46 percent of the betting public likes the Browns. So it's actually fairly even. To me, it feels like the Cardinals game from Thanksgiving night. Unless the Browns are able to score on special teams (

is one of the most dangerous return men in the league) or defense (second in the league in turnovers), I don't really see them staying in the game. But, I wouldn't rule anything out with this Eagles team.