I'm not sure it even matters after the Eagles were able to muster just three points against the Redskins, but some of you asked in the chat, so here's what needs to happen for the Eagles to get into the playoffs:

1. The Eagles have to beat the Cowboys at home next week.
2. The Bucs would have to lose to the Raiders next week.
3. The Bears have to lose one of their final two games OR the Vikings lose next week. Chicago faces the Packers at home tomorrow night and is at Houston in Week 17. Minnesota faces the Giants.

The above scenario would make the Eagles 9-6-1, the Cowboys 9-7, the Bears 9-7 or 8-8, the Vikings 9-7 and the Bucs 9-7. That would leave the Falcons as the No. 5 seed and the Eagles as the No. 6 seed.

Note: I didn't originally include the Vikings note. The Bears could win the division still and the Vikings could finish 9-7.