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Donovan McNabb

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McNabb's ex-teammate

Jeremiah Trotter

was a guest on The Morning Show today and ripped into McNabb, saying the Eagles quarterback has never taken the blame when the team comes up short.

Trotter added that he believes McNabb wants out of Philadelphia.

"I really believe it's time for Donovan to just go to another team," Trotter said. "Donovan is a great quarterback. He is in the top five. He has been for a long time, but I believe he'll play even better if he's happy. I don't think Donovan wants to be here. Donovan is not going to come out and say it, which I think people would respect him more if he came out and just told the truth. But I think he tells everybody else one thing when he does his press conference and post-game interviews and he throws little comments out there. Donovan really doesn't want to be an Eagle. I don't think he's ever been happy there."

Trotter took issue with McNabb on a variety of topics, saying he hasn't come up in clutch situations.

"In this league, you're gonna get put in positions where you gotta come through at specific times," Trotter said. "And I always say the great players come through in great moments, and he hasn't prove to come through in those times when the team really needs him."

When asked if that's how McNabb's current teammates feel about him, Trotter answered, "Without a shadow of a doubt."

In last week's interview, McNabb said the Cardinals' final scoring drive in the NFC championship reminded him of the Eagles-Rams championship game in 2002. McNabb said both teams ran the ball at the end of the game because they were "terrified" that the Eagles' offense would get the ball back.

"I don't know what offense he's talking about but I don't think anybody's terrified," Trotter said.

When asked specifically about the Rams championship game, Trotter pulled no punches.

"Well first of all, defense was the only reason we was in the championship game. That's first thing," he said. "Second thing is we was going against the top-rated offense and they was going against the worst offense. I mean they was going against the worst defense so they should have at least 60 points on them guys."

Trotter said nobody should be surprised by McNabb's comments about the defense, adding that he has never taken responsibility for playing poorly.

"I don't think a lot of people are gonna be surprised by the comments, him throwing the defense under the bus," Trotter said. "A lot of people are not gonna be surprised. They understand Donovan and you know, Donovan has never really taken the blame for playing bad. ...You'll never hear Donovan say 'I played bad. I gotta do a better job.'"

And finally, Trotter said McNabb probably wouldn't have made these comments back when he was on the team.

"Nobody on the team is going say anything to him. He's Donovan," Trotter said. "They don't want any controversy, but I really don't think he would have said those things if myself, Hugh [Douglas] or Ike [Reese] had been on the team."

Following the Eagles' loss, when McNabb made similar comments, Trotter responded,


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