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Vick, special teams and practice observations

The Eagles wrapped up OTAs at the Novacare complex today. Observations include thoughts on Michael Vick, special teams and Tweeting from the sidelines.

I spent this afternoon at the final day of Eagles OTAs before Lehigh. Here's what I saw:

* Ellis Hobbs was back to return a kickoff during special teams practice towards the end of the session. He let the ball sail over his head, as you often times see when the kick is headed to the back of the end zone.

Not a big deal at first. Until special-teams coach Bobby April took off in a full sprint from the other end of the field. With a whistle around his neck, he began yelling, "Get the ball! Get the ball!" In swooped rookie Brandon Graham, who was practicing on the kickoff team. He scooped the ball up right around the 5 yard line and ran into the end zone.

I'm not sure if Hobbs was told to do that on purpose, or if he had a quick brain freeze and thought it was a punt. Maybe he thought the ball was definitely going to sail to the back of the end zone, but even in the final minutes of the final OTA session of the offseason, April wanted to make sure his players were on their toes.

* Yesterday, I thought Michael Vick had a bad practice. Today, he was sharp. Saw him hit Clay Harbor with a bullet and also show good touch on the deep ball. That's just kind of how it is watching Vick. As I mentioned before, one minute he looks great, and the next he looks terrible.

Todd Herremans was on the side field for about an hour, going through exercises with Riley Cooper. As I mentioned on Twitter, it looked like a full P-90 X workout. A little yoga, some lunges. No sign of legendary P-90 host Tony Horton though. The best is when he does the stretch to simulate stirring and asks "What kind of soup you got?" Gets me every time.

Anyway, Andy Reid said Herremans will be ready for the start of training camp.

* Just the other day, I was having a conversation about whether it would be cool or not to have a surgery named after you. In other words, "Stacy Andrews is coming off a pair of Sheil Kapadia surgeries." Like Tommy John surgeries. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, I might not get a surgery, but I pretty much have a rule named after me, it seems. Yesterday I wrote about nearly getting bowled over while on my Blackerry at practice. So at Lehigh, the Eagles want all Tweeters to stand at or behind the offensive line of scrimmage to avoid that kind of thing from happening. As I've stated, I accept any type of hazing I receive as punishment for bringing this rule about.

* Jordan Norwood dropped two passes today. I'm not sure he dropped that many in the previous two weeks of practice.

* People ask all the time about who looks good, and I'm reluctant to say anything because there are no pads and this isn't like Lehigh. But one relatively unknown receiver who gets open and makes plays is Dobson Collins. Chad Hall also had a good day. I think he caught three touchdowns in a row during red-zone drills.

That's it for now. Video report will be posted later.