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Wedding faceoff: Eagles fans vs. Giants fans

This post comes to you courtesy of Eagles season-ticket holder, newlywed and MTC fan Ted.

Ted got married to his bride Monica last Saturday in Hoboken, N.J. Most of Monica's family members are Giants fans, which made for some fun back and forth between the two parties leading up to the big day.

Near the end of the wedding, and as Ted described, "when everyone was at their most lubricated state," his best man, a professional singer, coordinated with the band to belt out a rendition of Fly, Eagles, Fly.

The best man set it up perfectly to the divided crowd, and a tremendous version of the Eagles' fight song followed, with half the room screaming the lyrics, and the other half booing.

The video is posted below. Enjoy.

And if you have similar stories, videos, etc., feel free to e-mail me. Maybe we can turn this into some kind of weekly feature.

Quick warning: One of the wedding attendees, presumably a Giants fan, provides an obscene gesture to the camera at the end of the video. MTC does not condone this type of behavior and apologizes to anyone who is offended.