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What they're saying about the Eagles

Here's this week's roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles:

Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout for the Eagles, who is now working for, rated the divisions by quarterback play. He's got the NFC East third behind the NFC South and the NFC North. He's also got Michael Vick as the third-best quarterback in the division, behind Eli Manning and Tony Romo:

The QBs in this division are all must-see TV. Manning has two Super Bowl rings and a growing reputation as a clutch performer. Romo had an excellent 2011 season that should quiet some of his critics. Vick started poorly last season, but he became more patient and efficient during the last quarter of the season. RG3 landed with the perfect coach to take advantage of his talents.

Matt Waldman does an excellent job of breaking down one of Bryce Brown's college runs:

What I like most about Brown is his vision. He's a patient runner that he knows how press the hole and set up the cutback. Just as impressive is his ability to find small creases in an area where an opening doesn't seem to appear until the last moment.'s Alex Marvez picks a breakout player for each team. On the Eagles, he pegs second-year safety Jaiquawn Jarrett:

Four years after deciding not to re-sign Brian Dawkins, the Eagles still haven't found a difference-maker at strong safety. That's what Philadelphia is hoping Jarrett becomes after having the benefits of a full offseason workout program to become stronger and add bulk. A 2011 second-round pick, Jarrett will compete with Kurt Coleman to start during training camp.

Elliot Harrison of has the Eagles eighth in his power rankings:

Loved the Fletcher Cox pick. Mychal Kendricks, too. Awesome. Now, who's gonna keep Michael Vick healthy and on the field?

Vince Verhei of Football Outsiders (via says the Eagles still need to address depth in the secondary:

Behind starters Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen, only one projected backup was actually drafted: Jaiquawn Jarrett, a 2011 second-rounder who rarely saw the field as a rookie. Teams that can spread the field with three or four quality receivers (the Giants come to mind) should give the Eagles all kinds of trouble, and if any of the starters misses significant time with an injury, it could make it a tough season in Philadelphia.

Pat Kirwan of talked to a defensive coordinator about what kind of strategy would work best to contain Robert Griffin III:

The plan for RG3 went like this: "First thing don't let him break contain on the bootleg and you do that multiple ways. Occasionally widen the ends [the Eagles already do this] and be very aware when the running back goes away to not close down on the run but play the bootleg. Next, occasionally blitz a corner away from the run threat and bring a player with equal speed to Griffin. This was a very effective tool early on in Michael Vick's career. Third, key blitz the linebackers. If the running back comes your way, fill and stop the run; if the run goes away, scrape outside away from the run and get after the QB. Finally, and the most emphasized point, be patient rushing him when he's in the pocket, don't trigger his feet because the pass rush was so aggressive."

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post says there could still be a place for Donovan McNabb in the NFL, but only as a backup quarterback:

That's the key (and the question) when we discuss McNabb. Can he handle a secondary role in the NFL moving forward? If so, there could be some opportunities given the amount of injuries we see each season and the importance of having experienced depth at the QB position.

But in order for that to be a possibility, McNabb has to come to terms with his future as a QB in this league—and that's not always easy. No player wants to hear that their skills are declining (or limited) late in their career. And that's often the reality.

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