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What they're saying about the Eagles

Here's a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles as they prepare for Sunday's matchup against the Dolphins:

Jim Trotter of ranks the league's quarterbacks and puts Michael Vick at No. 13:

He has been effective when on the field, and he's expected to return Sunday after missing three games because of fractured ribs. His 11 TDs and 11 INTs aren't impressive until you realize he has had to make most of those plays by himself, because of spotty protection. If he could find a way to make DeSean Jackson relevant again, look out.'s Peter King likes the Dolphins, 24-21:

Mike Vick is back, and the Eagles will play a feisty game. But Miami hasn't played a bad game in two months. Average score of the Dolphins' last seven games: Miami, 24-13. Now, how wild would it be if I told you before the season that Matt Moore would beat Vick to give Miami a better record than Philadelphia after 14 weeks?

Sal Paolantonio of wonders why the Eagles' front office has been silent when asked about the future of Andy Reid:

Strangely, Banner -- who was front and center when the Eagles invested $225 million in new contracts and free agents this past offseason -- has been asked in the Eagles' postgame locker room for comment on the team, and he's declined all offers to discuss the situation. Banner has been given the chance to support Reid, but has not.

Ashley Fox of wonders whether any of the NFC East coaches will be back in 2012:

Reid also completely mishandled his mercurial star wide receiver. He knew DeSean Jackson was unhappy with his contract, yet he brought in another receiver, Steve Smith, and paid him nearly five times what Jackson is making this season. Reid ignored Jackson instead of taking care of him, and now no one should be surprised that Jackson is more concerned about his health than the health of the team.

Six of eight experts pick the Dolphins to beat the Birds.

Albert Breer of likes Miami, 24-23:

Michael Vick's return helps, but the Eagles defense won't be capable of stopping the Dolphins controlling from the pace of the game at the line of scrimmage.

Pete Prisco of likes the Dolphins, 30-20:

Who could have imagined these two having the same record playing for nothing this late in the season? The Eagles were terrible last week at Seattle. The Dolphins looked great in blowing out Oakland. They look like they care more than Philly now. The Eagles are packing their lockers up for the offseason.

Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports offers his take on Casey Matthews telling reporters that Eagles fans made his family cry during a game earlier this season:

Matthews should be upset. Heckling a family wearing the jersey of a player is low, even for Philadelphia. But part of me thinks some of this is on Matthews. If you know the way some fans at the game can get, why do you let your family go to the game wearing your jersey? You might as well draw a big target on their back under the words "heckle me." Don't wander into the lion's den and then complain when you get bit.

Sports Illustrated asked 321 NFL players which team's fans are the toughest to play against, and the Eagles ranked first. Of course, that hasn't done the team much good, considering the Birds are just 1-5 at home this season.

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