The long-contested issue of Lower Merion Township Manager Doug Cleland's contract could be resolved as soon as this Wednesday, according to the board's administrative and human resources committee agenda posted Friday.

On April 18, the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners will vote on Cleland's proposed contract, posted in the committee's agenda.

As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer in March, Cleland, who's worked for the township for 28 years, made about $224,449 last year from a bonus and his base salary of $202,989.

The hubbub arose in late February when it was announced via e-mail from Commissioner Jenny Brown that Cleland had been working without a contract since Dec. 2011.

A month's long delay of presenting and voting on Cleland's contract culminates in this week's board meeting, where the comissioners will discuss a 5 percent increase over 2011 and a 2 percent increase in base pay come Jan. 2013.

The contract to be discussed this week also includes longevity bonuses and other benefits for Cleland for the two years. In addition to use of a car, Cleland will continue to receive contribution from the township's deffered compensation plan for employees, a savings plan akin to a 401k which has been just as heavily debated as Cleland's contract and salary.

Check back with Neighbors later this week for continued coverage of this matter.