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Questions about the Lower Merion Township budget remain sparse

The township lets citizens submit questions about the proposed budget via email, but who's reading the inquiries?

Citizens who could not attend last night's public hearing in Lower Merion on the proposed 2012 budget had an alternative: email.

To accommodate more Web-savvy residents, the township has offered people a chance to voice their concerns or ask questions about the budget for the past three years. But this year, the inbox for remained empty.

"Last year we received a great deal because there was a proposed tax increase," township spokesperson Brenda Viola said. "This year, we've received zero. It would be expected our residents would be more concerned if there were a tax increase."

Three people automatically receive the budget inquiries: Assistant Township Manager Pat Ryan, Chief Financial Officer Dean Dortone and Viola, who is the township's public information officer.

Viola said answers to all emailed questions are answered and run by Township Manager Doug Cleland before being posted on the Lower Merion website for everyone to peruse.

If you still have questions about the budget, email the township, check out the list of FAQs it posted yesterday or share a comment below.