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A shot of Adrenaline in Haddonfield's 5k

It is spring break at Rowan University, which means there ain't nobody here but us spring chickens.

Round and round we go, the dedicated sexagenarians, on the track that overhangs the basketball courts at the Rec Center.

Today, Friday, March 20 was déjà vu all over again, except it was the Vernal Equinox, not President's Day. We were running inside a snow globe. The flakes floated down, it was beautiful but no one was smiling.

Last week, same thing. Week before, ditto. The weekly Sunday Browning Ross 5k might as well have been short track speed skating. A few races were cancelled; the season ending 10-miler through Pitman was postponed.

I did my five miles Friday, then 15-percent inclined another half hour on the treadmill and walked away not knowing where I stand as Broad Street creeps closer and closer. One of my silver-haired compadres took a look at my soaked-through Broad Street shirt (it was gray, too) and asked what year it was.

"2014," I said.

"What year is mine?" he asked.

"2007," I told him.

"I was running Broad all the way back to the early '80s," he said. "Running Broad always got me through the winter."

He's right. If you decide to run, you can't hide, no matter how frigid the temperatures are or the tons of salt on the roads that have been replaced by an army of potholes.

Tomorrow is the Adrenaline 5k in Haddonfield. It will be a wakeup call for all the runners who signed up for their date with destiny on May 3.

Next Saturday is the Phillies 5k and the Back On My Feet 5 Miler, among others. There's even a Superheroes 5k at Rowan if you are in the neighborhood.

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, too. So a quick post-race visit to the Haddonfield Running Company on Kings Highway could change my mood and reward my aching feet.

And I'll try to bottle up some of that adrenaline for the next six weeks.

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