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Voting ends tonight for runners to name Philadelphia's hill

If you run in Philly, you know about the hill on Lansdowne Drive.  That hill is part of the lore of running in this city. It is in a lot of races. (The Marathon, ODDyssey and 5 Miler all have it among others).  But, aside from some words muttered under the breath of runners that are too colorful for print, Philadelphia's hill has no name.  The folks at the ODDyssey Half Marathon think it is high time that we find a name for the hill and own it as a point of pride.

Boston has Heartbreak Hill, Atlanta has Cardiac Hill, and DC has Hospital Hill.  All are hard and all are badges of triumph as runners reach the top. Philly's hill needs a name as prideful as those.

More than 250 runners submitted names.  Now, runner have narrowed the list to just four names.  Today is the last day to vote.  So, head over to and let your voice be heard.

Voting will end at midnight.  So, vote right away. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

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