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According to Nike LeBron James is already a two-time champion

Either Nike knows something that we don't, or they are bound to anger some Spurs fans with a recent release.

A recent mockup of Nike's popular LeBron X model boasts a nice floral theme, along with an interesting message inscribed in the heel inserts.

The right insert states simply "2-time champion," while the left insert reads "11-12 12-13."

Now there is nothing wrong with Nike commemorating milestones, as they do it all the time, but there seems to be one small issue here; last time I checked LeBron James was a one-time champion.

Yes many, if not most, assumed that LeBron would be adding his second championship ring to his collection this summer after the dominance he's displayed since the disappointment that was the 2011 Finals, but it seems like Nike might just slightly be jumping the gun.

"11-12 12-13" is clearly representative of the supposed championship seasons, and while James was able to claim the 11-12 title, a little something is standing in the way of the 12-13 one: the San Antonio Spurs.

Down 3-2 heading into Tuesday night's crucial Game 6, James and the Heat need to win two-straight games in order to back up Nike's audacious sole claim.

If the Heat can overcome the odds, than the shoe will be viewed just as an early testament to the title, but if they fall short, both Nike, and LeBron, will have some explaining to do this summer.