- LeSean McCoy proudly showed off the championship belt he received for becoming the World Heavyweight Champion of Wrestling.

Awesome. @CutonDime25 rocking that rushing title championship belt: pic.twitter.com/vAUxdzbuMT

- With all the unbridled joy in the air, let's not forget to be spiteful to those who doubted Chip Kelly. That's, like, the best part of this.

- Wait, no, this is the best.

Front page of today's Dallas Morning News #Eagles pic.twitter.com/KoJ5mGJ2wy

- The Packers had their own big win yesterday over a chief rival, thanks to big, organized plays like this one.

- The Wisconsin Badgers enjoyed the win, except for that one Bears fan.

- The Eagles may be the wardens of the east, but Aaron Rodgers, in his first game back after missing seven weeks with a collar gone, solidified his status as:
Aaron Rodgers. King in the North. #GoPackGo pic.twitter.com/PTxeuzj3nC

- Welcome to Black Monday, the day head coaches of bad teams wonder if they've been bad long enough to be fired and then immediately hired as an offensive/defensive coordinator somewhere else. Rob Chudzinski of the Browns was the first to go, with player reactions ranging "from bewildered to furious" to slightly less subtle feelings.

Another Browns player: "This organization is a joke."

- Elsewhere, the Spurs' Tony Parker is in trouble for a "Nazi salute in revere." Not sure what else to say about that one.

- And now, we leave you with one of the more satisyfing images of Sunday: