Yesterday we reported that former (that feels good) Sixers center Andrew Bynum is up to his old tricks, as the news surfaced that he may miss all of training camp, again.

Well, things just keep getting better with Bynum, as today came the non-surprising and all-too-familiar news that the center probably won't participate in the preseason.

For those keeping count, that would make two consecutive preseasons that Bynum was unable to play because of lingering knee injury issues.

A source close to the center said that Bynum is "nowhere near ready," and likely to miss the entire preseason.

He could be ready to give it a go early on in the regular season however, the source revealed.

Last year, Bynum's inability to play in the preseason was one of the first signs of serious concern in a long line of pushed-back return dates and crazy hair-dos. Fans were dissapointed when he was unable to play in the season opener, but held out hope. The hope began to fade after the Christmas-time return came and went, and it was completely depleted by the time the all-star game rolled around.

It is almost unfathomable that another organization could find itself in the same bind with Bynum, especially with his Sixers' experience serving as a warning sign. But, one can't help but notice that Bynum's current timetable is running an eery parallel to the events that unfolded with the Sixers last season, all the way down to the team's stance on his return.

From Fox Sports Ohio:

"The Cavs haven't set a specific timetable for Bynum's return to actual game action -- but they do have a plan. It's to make sure Bynum is completely healthy before he ever puts on a uniform."

Sounds a lot like the Sixers approach last season, and we all saw how well that worked.

If the pattern continues, the next statement about Bynum should be that he will not be ready for the start of the season.

Although he would make an excellent on-court addition to the team, Cavalier fans anxiously awaiting his return shouldn't hold their collective breath.