Following Sunday's devastating loss to the Buccaneers, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had a suggestion on how to right the ship - hire Angelo Cataldi.

Cataldi seemed to rattle the Eagles coach during an interview on Monday's "WIP Morning Show," when Kelly bristled at the idea he needed to show his players how angry he was after such a terrible game.

"If people want a screamer and yeller, then let's hire you. You're pretty good at that," Kelly said.

"I'll tell you, I don't think I'd be worse than 4-6," Cataldi shot back.

During the awkward 10-minute spot, an obviously uncomfortable Kelly defended the effort of his team, and disagreed with the general feeling that the Eagles didn't show much effort in the disappointing loss at home.

"I think when you watch the film, the effort was there," Kelly said. "They just didn't make the plays they usually make."

Kelly said that while the Eagles "were outplayed and outcoached" by the Buccaneers, the game was an aberration from a defensive standpoint, and that the team will work hard to be prepared to play the Lions on Thanksgiving.

"This game will not reflect what goes on next week," Kelly said. "We're not writing a story; we're not making a movie. We're playing football, and football is a hard-assed game that you've got to prepare for every single week."

The problem is, this wasn't a one-time thing. As Daily News columnist Paul Domowitch points out, the Eagles have seen a slew of missed tackles, seen receivers running wide open over the middle, and shown a lack-of-gap discipline for a while.

"In the last three games, the Eagles have given up 10 touchdown passes and have just one interception," noted Domowitch, who pointed out that opposing quarterbacks have thrown for 332 yards and five touchdowns and no interceptions on third down. "That's a 138.0 passer rating. On third down."

At one point, Kelly and Cataldi argued over comments Kelly had made during his post-game press conference. "I don't have an explanation for it," Kelly said Sunday, "but I know we weren't ready to play on defense."

But on Monday morning, Kelly denied he ever said that.

"I didn't say they weren't ready to play. I said we didn't play well," Kelly said, trying to correct Cataldi.

When Cataldi pushed back, Kelly bristled.

"Whatever. That's not what I meant," Kelly said angrily. "We didn't play well."

Listen to the entire segment: