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Bob McClure's vision of Phillies pitching is a high octane car chase

It makes sense Bob McClure wants to slow things down on the Phillies pitching staff. His vision of what baseball is sounds a lot like Outrun for Sega Genesis:

"It goes fast," McClure said. "It's almost like being in a convertible car in the middle of an arena with 30,000 people yelling and screaming at you. It's intense. Now put that car on a racetrack and go 200 miles per hour. And try make your car fit through two cars on the first turn. Well, that's what it's like when you first come up. It's going fast. And a lot of guys are afraid to make mistakes when they first come up."

McClure's terrifying vision of a baseball team, howling through a futuristic baseball dystopia in which human speed laws have been abandoned, has led to his philosophy for the hurlers: remain fairly calm.

The Phillies' young relievers are a few years older than the first time we called them "young relievers," so with a bit more experience under their belt, several of them are primed to play key roles. Hopefully, McClure's guidance and application of the brakes will spur that process along.