Twitter is a fantastic medium for interacting with fans, as unlike real life, people who cross the line can simply be eliminated from view with the click of a button. Nobody knows this better than the Eagles' Brandon Graham, whose liberal blocking policies have earned him the #BlockedByBrandon hash tag.

Few players have felt more wrath from fans than Graham, the guy the Eagles traded up to draft instead of Earl Thomas, though Graham, of course, had nothing to do with that decision.
"It's not a fair playing field. Everybody gets to attack me, but I can't come back at you," he said. "So, why not block 'em? Until I know what you do, and I can critique you, half the time I'm thinking you're just on the couch, talking, not doing nothing anyway. Might as well block 'em.

"I work very hard. But I do have a personal life, and a wife and a kid at home. If my kid's seeing that -- for me, I don't want to see the negativity. That's not going to help me, so why not block it?"

Graham said fans should "do what you gotta do," but "don't @ me."

Graham said he has blocked people who interrupt his interractions with friends and teammates. "People think they can just interrupt what we're talking about."

"Fans beg to be unblocked and all that," he added. "I'm like, 'You said what you said. That's cool. I forgive you, but I just don't trust that that's the last (negative) thing you're going to say, so you're going to get blocked.' "

And this wasn't even the only blocking-related story in Philadelphia sports yesterday, as the official Sixers account found themselves blocked by comedian Hannibal Burress for some reason.