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Buzz Bissinger calls Chip Kelly a 'fraud,' cites 'arrogance'

“Friday Night Lights” author Buzz Bissinger has turned his ire at Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Update: Tuesday afternoon, Buzz Bissinger doubled down on comments he made earlier in the day about Chip Kelly being a "fraud," telling 97.5 The Fanatic's Mike Missanelli it's time for the team to find a new coach.

"I think he should be fired after the season," Bissinger said, clarifying he'd let Kelly go if the Eagles end the season with a losing record.

"I think it's clear now the gimmick is over and coaches have figured it out," Bissinger said.

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The last time Buzz Bissinger weighed in on the Eagles, he called Nick Foles "chickens---!" in a Philadelphia magazine cover story, noting the quarterback was too humble and polite to ever lead the Eagles to a title.

Now, after the team's embarrassing loss on Sunday to the dysfunctional Redskins, the "Friday Night Lights" author has turned his ire at Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

"I don't like him because he's a fraud," Bissinger told Angelo Cataldi on Tuesday's WIP Morning Show. "He's a fraud because he gets ordained by the media, and even now they're too nice to him. He has no clue."

Bissinger called the media "a bunch of candy-a----" for giving Kelly a pass on his personnel decisions, like recruiting workhorse DeMarco Murray without a plan to utilize the running back properly.

"It's his arrogance that I hate. It's his feeling that 'I don't need personnel, I don't need players, I just need my system,' " Bissinger said. "'And if we don't win, it's because the players didn't execute my system.' That's BS.

"Would you like to be in the Eagles locker room knowing that you're completely expendable? That you're always thrown to the wolves, it's always your fault, your lack of execution?"

Bissinger also had a surprising take on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, who the author said looks scared just about every time he drops back to pass.

"When it's third or something, do you want Sam Bradford as your quarterback?" Bissinger mockingly asked. "Honestly, Nick Foles looked a hell of a lot better."

Yes, that's the same Nick Foles who Bissinger said was not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback and later called timid, milquetoast and a chicken. Bissinger acknowledged his comments on Foles and said from what he's seen so far, Foles "is a better quarterback" than Bradford.

Bissinger even slammed Kelly's tenure at Oregon, blasting the coach's 46-7 record and multiple bowl wins, calling his time there "vastly overrated" because of inferior competition in both the Pac-10 and Pac-12.

"[Oregon] was good because he recruited a bunch of thugs from L.A. who couldn't make it academically and many of whom got in trouble," Bissinger said. "He barely beat a top-20 team, he never won at the national championship, and every time he went against a good team, he lost."