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Chip Kelly: No negotiations with Sam Bradford until the season is over

If Chip Kelly wants Sam Bradford back, and Bradford wants to come back, why the delay in starting negotiations?

After Saturday night's 38-24 loss to Washington, Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford was pretty clear that he wants to return to Philadelphia next season.

"I'd like to be back here, but that's not my choice," Bradford said. "Obviously, we are not at the stage where we have been talking about that, but if it does present itself and I do have the opportunity, this is where I want to be."

Chip Kelly also has spoken about wanting Bradford to come back, saying, "We wouldn't have traded for him if we thought he was going to be here for a year."

So if Kelly wants Bradford back, and Bradford wants to come back, why hasn't the team started contract negotiations, especially considering several teams around the league would surely love to scoop him up in free agency?

Speaking on WIP on Monday morning, Kelly told fill-in hosts Rickie Ricardo and Jon Johnson that there won't be any negotiations with Bradford until after the season.

"That always happens after the season," Kelly said. "We certainly want Sam back and do anything we can to keep him here."

Speaking of personnel moves, Kelly also danced around a question Ricardo asked about Kelly's job as general manager, wondering if "Chip the player personnel guy" disappointed "Chip the coach."

"Well, that was a real confusing question," Kelly said after a short pause. "It's our job as coaches to put these busy in position to make plays, and we're not doing that right now."

Kelly also defended left tackle Jason Peters, who reportedly took himself out of the game because, according to a source who spoke with Daily News writer Les Bowen, he "didn't want the risk of getting hurt for a team that is not going to the playoffs."

"Jason just could not go at the end of the game," Kelly said, noting that Peters injured himself in the first quarter. "Jason's given us everything; he's been a warrior all season long. It's unfair to say he's not giving us his all."

After the interview, Johnson wasn't buying Kelly's response about the team's interest in re-signing Bradford.

"So you're telling me you have Bradford, who you claim you want here long term and who says he wants to be here, and you haven't discussed any negotiations with him?" an incensed Johnson asked rhetorically. That's crazy!"

Listen to the full interview: