Did you know that Citizens Bank Park has its own logo?

It turns out that most major league ballparks have logos that fans never notice, which isn't surprising, since most appear to be given less marketing thought than a hashtag. For example, here's Citizen Bank Park's drab, uninspiring logo:

Enter graphic artist Grant O'Dell, who decided to take on the task of re-designing the mostly-dreadful 30 logos for all Major League stadiums.

Check out O'Dell's redesign of Citizens Bank Park's logo. It's modern, vibrant and simple, and most importantly - it screams baseball. It even includes the Liberty Bell:

Honorable mentions include his design for Minute Maid Park, which incorporates the moon in a nod to the town's storied NASA Ties:

I also really liked his logo for Miller Park, because throwing a couple of cold beers into a logo is never a bad idea:

His only misstep seems to be his decision to incorporate Indian feathers into his Turner Field logo. At a time when everyone is screaming for the Redskins to be more sensitive to racial stereotypes, do the Braves really need more attention drawn to their sort-of racist tomahawk-chop fake indian song?

Check them all out here.