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Day 2 of NFL draft full of surprises, pigs

Day two of the NFL Draft was slightly less eventful than day one, with a greater number of farm animals and players learning that their careers are over.

This time, it was Washington's turn to feature a disgruntled fan on-camera.


Cody Latimer doesn't respect the game! He's not wearing really nice games! Why does he hate footbalL! WHY DOES HE HATE AMERICA?

Cody Latimer's Draft Day outfit was… casual:

No question, though, that Giants pick Weston Richburg respects the game, starting with the 'pigskin' process in the very early stages.

One of the reasons I love Weston Richburg…this pic -->

The Jaguars drafting USC receiver Marqise Lee indicated that Justin Blackmon's career in Jacksonville is over; not helped by his many failed drug tests.

Big news, however, was that the Patriots finally drafted a quarterback early in the Tom Brady era. This of course sent the media into a frenzy, as they speculated on the sad, tragic end of Tom Brady and feasted on the bright, happy youth of Jimmy Garoppolo.

  1. Did you know Garroppolo is a real smart guy, according to some nameless NFL person?

  2. Did you know that you may not have noticed this, but yes, Brett Favre has everything to do with this situation?

  3. Did you know that - gasp - Garroppolo and Brady have the same agent?!

All of this is leading to the quite clear conclusion that Jimmy Garroppolo is going to kill and eat Tom Brady, thus absorbing his powers and stealing his life.

Finally, some light was shed on why Jerry Jones didn't take Johnny Manziel:

Jerry Jones says he didn't take highest-rated player available on board at 16 _ @JManziel2 _ because financial commitment to Tony Romo

Stupid Romo, always ruining everything.