Baseball came dangerously close to correcting an umpire last night.

But the umpiring crew went with it anyway, and the Astros, up 5-3 at the time, were allowed to have Hector Ambriz take the mound, despite J.B. Shuck entering the game, but not throwing a pitch.

This is is so blatantly against the rules, MLB might have actually stepped in and done something. But, the Astros being the Astros, the Angels went on to win the game anyway.

And this will all be quietly disposed of as a forgettable little regular season west coast game. Way to go, umpires. You did it two nights, consecutively.


Metta World Peace is having some commitment issues.


Years ago, in Veterans Stadium, there was a man with a t-shirt.  And that man went on to coin one of the greatest catch phrases in Phillies history.

"Everybody hits!" he'd yell.

"Woo hoo!" the section would reply.

Over the years, everybody would not hit, more than they would.  But the Phillies would put together the right number of hits to give us the memories to live on.

Now, those memories are immortalized in the form of Philadelphia's very own indoor batting cages, where generations of baseball and softball players will hone their hitting craft, and maybe even become the next great legend to grip the lumber.

Everybody Hits batting cages, they call it.

And maybe someday, somebody will.


Yesterday, I told you to look at the cover of Nick Offerman's new book and have a great day.

Today, I'd like to watch the trailer for Gravity and try to have an okay day.

You… may not.